Youth Bible Study Club

Club mobile number

This term we will be trialling a dedicated club mobile number: 0481 089 252. You can use this number for apologies, questions and general communication with the Committee. We will also be using it to send out automatic reminders to leaders and introducers, social reminders, and last minute roster changes.



If you can't make it to a club meeting, please let us know. All you need to do is send an SMS to the Club number with "apologies" or "absent" in the text, and it will automatically be forwarded to the relevant Committee member.



By default, you will be registered to recieve reminders for intros, leading and greeting. If you wish to be removed, simply SMS the club number:

"STOP INTRO" or "STOP LEADING" or "STOP GREETING" - depending on which reminder you wish to stop.


You can also recieve weekly reminders of the club topic: SMS the club number "REMIND TOPIC" to be registered.