Family Instruction

The most important christian education for a child comes from the parents. Our church emphasises that parents in accordance with their baptismal vows instruct and bring up their children in the fear and knowledge of the Lord. Proverbs 4:1 "Hear, ye children, the instruction of a father, And attend to know understanding"


In accordance to their baptismal vows, parents endeavour, as much as they are able, to provide their children with an education which is in agreement with Scripture and Confession. In the metropolitan Perth area a number of schools have been established for this purpose, which are named after John Calvin, one of the great Reformers:
Rockingham John Calvin School (Years 1-6)
Kelmscott John Calvin School (Years 1-6)
Bunbury John Calvin School (Years 1-9)
Byford John Calvin School (Years 1-6)
John Calvin Christian College (Grades 7-12)
Membership in a Free Reformed Church is a pre-requisite to enrolment of students in schools

Church Religious Instruction

Younger Youth Club

For one hour each week the church instructs her youth in the doctrine of God's Word, using the confessions of the church as guides. The purpose of this instruction is so that the youth may learn of the rich promises they have received from their Covenant God and Father at their baptism, and so come to profess their faith in their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Bible Study Clubs

There are men's and women's bible study clubs run bi-weekly at the church. These clubs study portions of God's Word, with an introduction by a member, followed by general discussion.

Catechism Classes

Training our youth in creeds and confessions based on the Bible