Articles are documents which address a particular topic of interest at the time they were written. These articles cover a wide range of issues addressing church matters, public events and christian responses to topics and still contain revelant instructions for christian growth even though some of the articles are not as timely as when they were first written.
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The Spirits of the air: of Angels & Demons The Spirits of the air: of Angels & Demons

TheSpirits of the air:
of Angels & Demons

That there are spirits in the air around us is a thought to which -I dare say- we scarcely give much
thought. To our modern minds, influenced as we are by the thinking of the twentieth century, spirits can
scarcely be real. Yet - as I hope to demonstrate in this article - Scriptures insist that such is the case
nevertheless. In this submission on the Spirits of the Air, I wish first of all to trace the thoughts of persons
and bodies who (may) have influenced our perception of the spirits of the air. I intend also to point out
why we are to understand well what goes on in the invisible world around us. Further, I propose to deal
with a.o. angels, demons, and the struggle between the two.

Christocentric Preaching Christocentric Preaching

Christocentric Preaching

Preaching plays a fundamental role in the life of the child of God. That’s because the Lord
God is pleased to use the official administration of His Word in the church service to work and
strengthen faith in the hearts of His people (cf Lord’s Day 25; Canons of Dort, III/IV.17).
How, though, is the preacher to open the Word of God? What constitutes ‘good’ preaching?

The Bali Attack – a Meditation 1 The Bali Attack – a Meditation 1

The Bali Attack – a Meditation 1

Words fail us to describe accurately the revulsion we feel about the terrorist attack in Bali. We
found 9/11 terrible and it touched us deeply, but at least it was on the far side of the globe.
10/12 was in our back yard. Perchance we even knew some of the victims, their families....
More, this strike points up that we are vulnerable, that our lifestyle is under attack.


The Sabbath – a Sign of the Covenant The Sabbath – a Sign of the Covenant

The Sabbath – a Sign of the Covenant

Have you ever noticed that all 10 commandments are repeated in some way in the New
Testament – with the exception of the fourth? You look in vain in the words of Jesus or of
Paul or of Peter for an instruction to remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. It’s just not
there. Does that not mean that the fourth commandment is no longer relevant for the church

Which Study Bible? Which Study Bible?

Which Study Bible?

 The Free Reformed Churches of Australia in synod Byford (1994) decided that the churches should no
longer use the Revised Standard Version (Acts, Art 55). In preference to the RSV, the churches
considered the New King James Version to be "a faithful and reliable translation for use in the churches,
as well as for study, instruction and family purposes."

The Task of Deacons The Task of Deacons

The Task of Deacons

A number of years ago, I read a book by a certain Peter Keunig, written in part in some musical Dutch
dialect; the book was entitled Kinderen in Verstand en Boosheid. This Peter Keunig endeavoured to
relate, by means of a number of short stories, what life was like for the simple country people of Northern
Holland around the turn of the century. Of the numerous short stories, one revolved around deacons.

The Holiness of God The Holiness of God

The Holiness of God

Text of an address by Rev C Bouwman prepared for the Women's League Day, held on
             November 29, 1995, in the Free Reformed Church of Byford.

ROCK MUSIC: For the Christian or Not? ROCK MUSIC: For the Christian or Not?

For the Christian or Not?

Virtually every home with growing teenagers will hear from time to time the heavy thump-thump-thump
of rock music coming through the stereo. That reality raises the question: ought the child of the Lord to
appreciate rock music? Ought parents (though they themselves might not like the music) to consider rock
music to be the music of today’s youth, and so permit their youngsters to listen to it?

Peter Carnley Peter Carnley

Peter Carnley

Archbishop Peter Carnley, head of the Anglican Church in Australia, contributed an article to
the April 17 issue of Bulletin, in which he offers Australians a meditation about the death of
Jesus Christ on the cross.

The Bali Attack – a Meditation - 3 The Bali Attack – a Meditation - 3

The Bali Attack – a Meditation - 3

The transgressions of Sodom and their interrelatedness received a place in Scripture in Ezekiel
16. This chapter, like the whole book of Ezekiel, was addressed in first instance to the exiles
of Israel in Babylon. In chapter 16 the Lord addressed these exiles on the sins of Jerusalem,
the city from which these exiles had been forcibly removed some half a dozen years earlier.
God foretold to these exiles that Jerusalem would shortly be totally destroyed, destroyed
because Jerusalem was no better –in fact, worse!− than Sodom.