Our resource collection is always expanding, with new sermons and articles every week. These are provided to help us all grow in faith and knowledge of God.

Service Audio ( 81 Files )

Services held in the Free Reformed Church of Kelmscott are normally recorded, as an audio (MP3) file.  Copies of recent services can be found below.  These audio recordings can be downloaded and are provided for your personal use.

Confessions ( 6 Files )

These standards are our Confession of Faith. They summarise what we as church believe. They are quoted or referred to throughout the resources on this website including the sermons.

Study material ( 6 Files )

Study material is in depth material about a certain topic of the christian faith and a good knowledge of the christian faith is needed to get the most benefit out of this material.

Articles ( 24 Files )

Articles are documents which address a particular topic of interest at the time they were written. These articles cover a wide range of issues addressing church matters, public events and christian responses to topics and still contain revelant instructions for christian growth even though some of the articles are not as timely as when they were first written.

Short Articles ( 10 Files )

Tracts are short articles of information about the basic foundations of our faith. They can be distributed to anyone as they summarise viewpoints on certain aspects of the christian faith and can be read and understood by anyone.

Archived Sermons ( 369 Files )

Sermons by our previous ministers. These sermons were preached in the Kelmscott church building, where known, the date preached has been added to the sermon details. Sermons can be downloadable in readable format (PDF). More recent audio sermons can be downloaded as well from the Service Audio page.

You can download more sermons from one of our sister church websites found at 'Free Reformed Churches of Australia' website


You can also download Rev Retief's sermons from this site